Marine Biology

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Dive in deep! In Marine Biology, we explore a fascinating subject in some depth, and the student has a chance to fall in love with the oceans God has created. We learn about the crucial role they play in sustaining life on our planet and begin to understand the intricate relationships involved.

Everywhere we look we see the Creator’s fingerprints: marine wildlife and habitats, marine creature anatomy, microscopic organisms, intertidal zones, coral reefs, deep ocean communities, etc.

I am so thankful to have found you as a teacher for Marine Biology for my son this year. He was fairly sure that he wanted to pursue a degree in Marine Biology, so we wanted him to take a class to ensure that that was the correct direction for him. He has really enjoyed your class and has worked hard. It confirmed that he really would like to pursue this field.


Students will turn in a minimum of seven full lab reports as assignments on labs chosen by the teacher — some labs will be done at home with teacher direction. Other labs will be done virtually — students will have required lab reports on these labs also.

Importance will be placed on students understanding scientific inquiry, the scientific method, and the resulting science lab reports. The lab reports required cement the applied learning and help the students own and understand the material, as well as undergird the rigor of the teaching that illustrates achievement for college transcript material.

The teaching will move beyond the textbook to video observations of undersea life, live camera feeds, independent research on various elements of Marine Biology, a semester project (video or alternative), and more.

Course Outline

  • Oceans of Our Planet
  • Life in the Sea
  • The First Four Kingdoms
  • Marine Invertebrates 1
  • Marine Invertebrates 2
  • Marine Vertebrates 1
  • Marine Vertebrates 2
  • Marine Ecology
  • The Intertidal Zone
  • Estuary Communities
  • Coral Reefs
  • Continental Shelf Communities
  • The Epipelagic Zone
  • The Deep Ocean
  • Ocean Resources
  • Effects of Humans on the Sea

Marine Biology Course Prerequisites:

  • High school Biology is required to take this class.
  • Wednesdays 1:00 – 2:30PM (ET)

Course Materials:

  • 1. Apologia Exploring Creation with Marine Biology (2nd edition), ISBN 978-1-940110-95-0
    Not required: Student Lab Book/Workbook, Instructional DVD, tests, solutions manual, slides, dissection kit
  • 2. ‘Marine Biology Coloring Book’ by Thomas Niesen ISBN-10: 006273718X
    ISBN-13: 978-0062737182
  • 3. Composition Book to use for a Lab Journal. This should have graph paper instead of lined paper, and can generally be found at WalMart or similar stores for about $1.00.
  • 4. SOME lab kit materials (list accessible to registered students)
  • 5. Students will need a headset microphone.