About Marji McIlvaine

Marji McIlvaine - Teacher - Master's Mark AcademicsAfter 26 years of homeschooling, the last of Marji’s six kids has graduated. Instead of being finished with learning and teaching, Marji McIlvaine has found herself more interested in the world and education than ever before. She has a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Florida, graduate hours from ECU, worked at UF as a bilingual administrative assistant to the tropical animal science programs, but her fiercest won endeavor is a well-worn degree from the University of Homeschooling.

Marji has been teaching locally in homeschool tutorials for 25 years and online for over ten to homeschoolers. She also administers the W-J Achievement test to her local homeschooling community. Marji has studied seven languages, went to school in France at the Université de Dijon, and has many years of science study in college (and homeschooling) since she had planned to be a veterinarian.

Growing up in Florida, Marji McIlvaine spent many hours at the beach, in the water – scuba diving, snorkeling, and cultivating her love and experience in the oceans. Homeschooling her own kids reversed her dislike of history and instead incited a love for it as she discovered that history is really compelling stories of people just like us who made important decisions and acted with courage – or the opposite.

Stoking the fire of the love of learning about every facet of God’s creation and His work in His people has been one of Marji’s guiding principles from the beginning, with her own children and now her students. Students can well meet the rigor of various subjects when they are engaged and equipped to know how to learn. It has been a joy for her to stay immersed in the wonderful homeschool community.

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