Trip Around the World 2: A Three-Language Expedition

Going deeper in this expedition – we explore Spanish, French and German for a month each. We explore these through motions, storytelling, and copywork – the class even writes a group story IN these world languages!

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Students will have the chance to learn two Scriptures in each language, a hymn and a folk song, and work with common structures in each language, exploring some grammar, and hearing and understanding basic elements.

Storytelling, Reading, Writing

During this online class, your students will practice the languages through some storytelling, reading, writing, and responding in the target language. Writing is introduced by copywork in the different languages through creating storyboards and comic strips in the target languages. They will also briefly study the geography of the regions which speak the language, the spiritual climate of the countries, and the culture and foods.

Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed your class and has learned a lot but most importantly to us as a family, is the love of learning she’s had while in your class.

More Exploratory, Less Academic

This is an exploratory class rather than an academic class, so memorization is not required – but the students are required to say their verses in class, with instructor help. The scores are for trying, not for the quality of their pronunciation.

Independent research and oral reports back to the class are an integral part of the class. There will rarely be a quiz or test; the bulk of the grade comes from the daily work and class participation. One project will be required, and three small ‘culinary adventures’ in each language culture are also required.

This is a student and family favorite!


Working camera on computer and microphone

No text required, instructor provides all materials

  • Spring 2021 – Thursdays 9:00AM – 10:30AM (ET)
Grade Level:
  • Middle school mostly, though high school students often enroll.
Class Schedule
  • Begin Class: Jan 14th
  • Winter Break: Feb 22-26
  • Easter: Mar 29-Apr 2
  • Final Class: May 7th